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About the collection

The ICZ collection is made up of animal memorabilia and souvenirs that can be readily bought off the internet, tourists trinket shops and gift shops. As the suggestions to the "endangered species" crisis are turning increasingly toward economic incentives to preserve wildlife, the institute is interested in the possibility of trading such animal goods and channeling the profits towards conservation. It is also looking to work with communities in developing countries to encourage the protection and trade of animals at the same time.
The species in the collection usually fall out of the scrutiny of the current CITES list, or the list of animals considered endangered by the World Conservation Union. Economic schemes involving these animals will hence be less problematic to implement.
Researchers have also been able to gather unique animal population census by determining obscure human-assisted migratory patterns and routes through our collection.


Note : There are 680 specimens in the ICZ collection currently. It is only possible to represent a small number of these specimens at any time in these pages. The whole collection is available for viewing and research at the museum.


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