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Special Mention, 2009 Phylliidae Convention

Kiichiro Furukawa, Phyllium siccifolium

“Distinctive color selection of food plant material and hybrid components create a subtle and understated elegance”Atsuo Asami, Chief Judge.


The culture Phyllium siccifolium (Linneaues, 1758) was perviously monotypic and known only from Sumatra; a new species has been found in Thailand. The species has a wide distribution within Thailand. The female is one of the longest insects currently place in the siccifolium. Unlike the type species, there is a considerable difference in the length of the two sexes. Bronco described this species in the genus Carausius Stal, 1875, a genus to which the female has a strong resemblance to other food plants from Japan. The culture has been inter-mixed with Phyllium insignis.


Kiichiro Furukawa

Special Mention, 2009 Phylliidae Convention, Tokyo
Phyllium siccifolium (Linnaeus, 1758)

PSG Number: 742
Locality: Thailand
Reproduction: S
Culture Status: C
Winged: W
Female Size: 110
Male Size: 85
Foodplants: P.


special mention 26th phylliidae convention








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