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Cat. 4
Variant #7, 2011


Cat. 5
Variant #12, 2011


Recent Species Of The New World

A series of images documenting birds that have morphed to adapt to live in new environments such as deserts and reclaimed lands. In most cases, the birds appear to be paler and eyeless, an adaption to cope with life in the glaring desert sand and its sand storms.


Cat. 6
Egg #134


Cat. 7
Egg #8


A Bird In The Hand

A series of images exploring Yurisa Nanjio?s collection of chicken eggs of different shape and sizes from around the world



Blind Long Tail Owl, Mixed Media Sculpture, Zhao Renhui


As We Walked On Water
Cat. 26b
Blind Long-tailed Owl, Desert Variant of Little Owl

During the 1980s, variants of regional species of animals such as scorpions, owls and bats were found around the new regions of Singapore. Scientists believe that these species were forced into the reclaimed regions in the 1960s and these slightly paler-looking species are a type of desert variant that occur very rarely. Their deformities are believed to have developed in order for the animals to cope with life in the tropical desert. Very little else is documented on these variant species.

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