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Some Kind of expedition


Some kind of expedition is an exhibition at Project Space @ Art Stage 2012, Singapore.

Working closely with The Institute of Critical Zoologists for the last five years, Zhao Renhui has been cataloguing, classifying and creating photographs and objects around the scientific institution.

As an inspiration for the work, the artist spent 6 months at the North pole, which had a significant impact on his practice. 'Some Kind of Expedition' deals with some of the artist's concerns of the natural world, science, photography and beliefs from the last five years. 


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2902 Gallery, Singapore




A limited edition catalogue will also be available during the opening of the exhibition.


Essay by Zhao Renhui and Satoshi Kataoka
The catalogue includes a special reprinted poster of important landmarked expeditions by the ICZ since 2001.
To order a copy please contact with the subject header "Some Kind Of Expedition Catalogue"

Retail Price : £25 (Before Shipping)

SBN: 978-981-07-1212-9




"The search for wildlife is also the search for authenticity and for the truth. It can be religious. We constantly seek to impose meaning onto our relationship to the natural world. " Read More


a realized dream, zhao renhuiA realised dream, Experiment #2, 2011

common house sparrowExpedition #5, 2011

The House Sparrow is the most widely distributed wild bird in the world. It originated from the Middle East and its distribution as a species is closely linked with the introduction of Christianity globally.


macaqueMacaque in the mist, Expedition #3, 2011
Macaque feeding on human handouts, Pulau Ubin.


north polefrom the series Glacier Study Group, more here


glacier study groupfrom the series Glacier Study Group, more here


north pole, zhao renhuifrom the series Glacier Study Group, more here


some kind of expedition, zhao renhui, polar bear, global warming, ice bearSome Kind Of Expedition, 2011


last dancing bear, circus, renhui, expeditionExpedition #11, 20091

The Last Dancing Bear


monkeys that talk, expedition, zhao renhuiExpedition #16. 2009


coke drinking camel, tunisia, zhao renhuiExpedition #37, 2008.

Afiq remembers a camel that would only drink Coke, and only out of a glass bottle. When offered Pepsi or water or other substitute liquid in a Coke bottle, he would know that it was a trick. It would then spit it out.


tiger farms, expedition, zhao renhui, tiger, man,Expedition #25, 2009.
More than 10,000 tigers are in captivity worldwide and only around 3,000 left in the wild. The illegal trade in tiger parts is keeping a healthy number of farmed tigers in private establishments. There is talk of re-wilding the farmed tigers but nobody seems to care.


macaque, circus, cycle, renhui, institute of critical zoologists, expeditionExpedition #15


from the series Uncompahgre Fritillary, more here


Cast of Ancient Warship 6, Winner of the 2nd Flowerhorn Exposition Singapore. 2011. Mixed Media, 142cm x 125cm x 110cm

The head is so swollen and heavy that it can’t swim upright. The fish is a winner, having received the first prize in the 2nd Flowerhorn competition in Asia in 2009. The Flowerhorn as a species is a bastardised hybrid ornamental cichlid that does not exist in nature.


A secret need for your existence, 2011. Mixed Media, 65cm x 45cm 110cm

Stray cats in Singapore have their ears clipped to show that they have been spayed, so that they will not be sterilised twice. People love their cats and they want to have the creatures around - but not too much, and they sure don’t want these cats fucking all over the place.


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