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To be washed ashore on a deserted island with an animal on the horizon


Exhibition curated by  Dr. Charles Merewether

A selection of some of The Institute of Critical Zoologists's projects carried out in Singapore between 2002-2011 will be presented in the exhibition.


"..Zhao Renhui aptly entitles his series of photographs: “To be washed ashore on a deserted island with an animal on the horizon.” To see the horizon, to see that we were and are not the first nor only inhabitants to occupy this island, that it was not made in ‘our’ image, that culture co-exists with nature. This is not an argument about origin but rather against the destructiveness of instrumentality..."
The pleasure of the work lies in the act of seeing and yet nonetheless, there is no constant in this subject. In fact the pleasure is frustrated by a light which is too much for the work, that frustrates visibility ,...the darkness of the landscape made barely visible in viewing the subject of Zhao's photographs. The presence of the allegorical in the work of these three artists functions elliptically, alluding to the past that has been always already written by its future. Allegory offers meaning other than the words that are spoken, images that are given. It recognizes the horizon as the ground on which we may find ourselves. "
Ng Joon Kiat, Betty Susiarjo, Zhao Renhui

by Charles Merewether (Read more)


A recent history of cats in Malaya from the perspective of a highly unusual zoo. This zoo is a joint business venture between 4 companies in based Singapore and Malaysia. The Penang Tiger Park has a total of 2000 tigers and 1400 lions roaming in its vicinity. The photographs in these series are taken from Penang Tiger Park.


The Cats Of Malaya, Zhao Renhui, Lion, Tiger, SingaporeLiger In Forest


The Cats Of Malaya, Zhao Renhui, Lion, Tiger, SingaporeCats at Twilight


The Cats Of Malaya, Zhao Renhui, Lion, Tiger, SingaporeTigers at Dusk



Pulau Pejantan, Minute Owl, Zhao RenhuiMinute Owl


Pulau Pejantan, RockCliff Potter Robin


Night Hoopoe, Pulau PejantanNight Hoopoe



A mysterious animal has been spotted in the grassy patch of land along Niven Road and Wilkie Terrace. But no one has been able to photograph this elusive creature. The only traces of this animal are its supposed white fur/hair found along Wilkie Terrace. The Institute Of Critical Zoologists investigates the sightings with cameras equipped with infrared triggers, called camera traps. These devices, which are rigged with sensors, are triggered by movements and are often used to obtain critical data on wildlife.

The camera trap is set up for a period of 3 months, and were triggered repeatedly at the same spots at around the same time everyday. But no animals can be seen in the images captured. Instead, the enigmatic pictures show patches of grass, roots and plants, lit by a harsh glare from the flash


Camera Trap, I have reasons to believe, Zhao Renhui, Niven Road, Paranormal, Singapore, Photography



To be washed ashore on a deserted island with an animal on the horizon
Common Mouse, Singapore, Night, Zhao RenhuiCommon Mouse in its Natural Habitat


Spayed Feral Cat in Forest, Singapore, Zhao RenhuiSpayed Feral Cat in its Natural Habitat


Migrant Vulture from India, Singapore, Zhao RenhuiMigrant Vulture from India, Singapore


Ubin, 2008Private Tiger, Ubin, 2008



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