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Founding of the ICZ

The Institute of Critical Zoologists was founded in 1996. The institute formed as a result of a merger between the Japanese Institute 'Nagasaki Animal Center' and the Chinese 'Zhong Yao Dong Wu Xue Guan'. Together, The late Mr Takanashi Oishi from Japan and Mr. Dong Wu Ren from China saw a need for a new strand of zoological study in the east. The Institute has offices in China, Japan, Singapore and London.

The institute has excellent facilities and equipment required for teaching and research. They include scanning and transmission ultramicrotomes, spectrophotometers, DNA sequencer, electro-acupuncture sequencer for veterinarian studies, The Blind, The Real World, a museum, and a biostasis lab.


Takanashi Oishi , Nagasaki Animal Center, 1973.


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