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Animal Traps

About the collection

This collection is made up of animal traps from different parts of the world. These animal traps serves as a profound metaphorical sculptures that holds a testimony to our relationship with animals.

"A trap, properly received, is a highly articulate object. It is a miniature dialectic, with the bait as thesis, the snare as antithesis and the bait, trap and victim bundled together, as a glorious and fatal synthesis and confirmation of the exactitude of the logical progression. " - Patrick Frey

The traps, highly abstract forms on their own, are conceived over generations of knowledge on animals. They are little objects made with strategies to kill. Often certain traps are created for very specific species according to their habits.



Note : There are 1200 traps in the ICZ collection currently. It is only possible to represent a small number of these traps at any time in these pages. The whole collection is available for viewing and research at the museum.

sunflower angle 0009/472/08 - Orange-Throated Sunangel (Heliangelus Mavors) , Humming Bird Trap

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