Queens own hill and its environs























































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Singapore biennale 2019-2020






Queen’s Own Hill and its Environs, 2019

Photography, video and found objects in display cabinet with artist-led tours

240 x 500 x 120 cm

Collection of the Artist

Singapore Biennale 2019 commission


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For over a year, Robert Zhao Renhui ventured into the forested areas surrounding Gillman Barracks to observe and study its significance. Taking its title from the former name of the area, Queen’s Own Hill and its Environs comprises a cabinet of curiosities with more than 100 components featuring videos, photography and found objects. Collectively, they chronicle the history of the land as well as its changing function as plantation, military barracks and illegal immigrant squat, before finally being reclaimed by nature and becoming the secondary forest it is today. A series of artist-led tours into this forest will also be held in conjunction with the exhibition. - Curator, John Tung, Singapore Biennale 2019





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