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The whiteness of a whale

The whiteness of a whale (1937-2008)

From 1937 to 2008, there have been numerous sightings of a white whale around the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan.
The Institute of Critical Zoologists has accumulated an archive on the various documents and images of the sightings. Although the institute has no substantial evidence that this mysterious creature exists, the images and accounts prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the existence of the white whale is highly possible.


Compiled by Satoshi Kataoka

Image courtesy of The Institute of Critical Zoologists


1937, The whiteness of a whale1937/Omishima/Bay Area/Hideo Omura/We saw the whiteness of a whale and the villagers said it was a sign


1947, The whiteness of a whale1947/Omishima/East Overlooking Pier/Hideo Omura/Sudden splashes from a white creature


1953, The whiteness of a whale1952/Omishima/West Coast/F.Kasamatsu/There it blows


1986, The whiteness of a whale1986/Omishima/South Coast/Tomoaki Furukawa/At around noon


1987, The whiteness of a whale1987/Omishima/Towards Hirado/Tetsuo Hiraguchi


1987, The whiteness of a whale1989/Omishima/Pier/Mami Makara/There was a white silhouette


1990, The whiteness of a whale1990/Omishima/North Coast/Tadasu K. Yamada


1999, The whiteness of a whale1999/Port Omishima/2 Degrees East/Shiro Wada/I saw a white creature swimming for hours


2008, The whiteness of a whale2008/Port Omishima/Masayuki Oishi

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