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Trying to remember a tree V, Watching a tree disappear



Watching A Tree Disappear


In 2018, a giant albizia tree fell after a storm. I wanted to document how the tree will decay and eventually disappear. I installed a camera to monitor the tree for 24 hours, 7 days a week. The camera is capable of recording ‘movement’ as video clips. Everytime a video is recorded, it will be sent to me via a mobile network. I have programmed the camera to send the video to a live streaming website.

Some days, nothing will happen. Some days there may be 2 or 3 telecasted videos. If I am lucky and happen to be beside the screen, I would be able to witness some animals as they use the tree to move through the forest.

As an artwork, this is a live video feed.

This project will go on until the tree decays completely into the ground.


Sample Video Feed for the month of February 2021.


Installation View of Trying to Remember a Tree V, Watching A Tree Disappear, 2021.

In the exhibition site, whenever the camera detects motion, the video will be transmitted live to the audience in the exhibition site.


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