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The birds of athens/singapore

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The birds of Athens, 2018

210cm x 140cm, Lightbox.

In Athens, Greece, people who encounter injured birds can take them to ANIMA, a non-profit wildlife protection centre, to be rehabilitated. In 2018, the ICZ collaborated with ANIMA to exhibit a selection of X-rays of dead or injured birds for the exhibition The Nature Museum. Some of the birds have broken wings, an indication that they have collided with a building or a vehicle. The long metal splinter that is visible in some of the birds are inserted by vets to help the birds heal their broken wings. In some birds, there are also white spots, which are bullets. These birds have been shot.


The birds of Athens, 2018, was first created for the exhibition/performance The Nature Museum (Greece, 2017/18). It was developed as part of a performance commissioned and produced by the Onassis Cultural Centre/Stegi as part of its annual Fast Forward Festival, curated by Katia Arfara. With thanks to ANIMA, Athens.For more information, click here.



The Birds of Singapore, 2018

210cm x 140cm, Matt Diasec in Frame.

Detail, The Birds of Singapore, 2018


A collection of dead birds that has collided with buildings or vehicles in Singapore over a period of 4 years.

With thanks to David Tan.



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