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wild bird society of taipei




This series of works feature boxes that have been used to transport injured birds from around Taipei to the Wild Bird Society of Taipei.

Also operating as a bird rescue centre, the Society has since the 1990s been collecting and rehabilitating injured birds brought to the centre by members of the public, taking in about 3,000 birds a year. En route to the centre, rescuers usually put birds in perforated cardboard boxes, makeshift homes that speak of the gentle care given to these creatures.

About 30 per cent of the birds die from their injuries. Some carcasses are donated to The Institute of Biomedical Sciences at Academia Sinica, where they are skinned and kept for research purposes. Birds that are unable to be released into the wild after they recover are sent to a refuge centre named “Bready House” in Zhishan Ecological Garden in Taipei. Bready House is name after an owl that had been rescued from the wild and hand fed bread by the person who saved it.


A collection of 100 boxes collected in a period of 1 year from the Wild Bird Society of Taipei that was used to transport injured birds are displayed in the installation.


16th May 2018, Javan Mynah, Juvenile, Natural Causes, Learning to Fly, Taipei

16/5/18, ????, ?, ??, ??, ???


11th October 2017, Red-necked Phalarope, Adult, Left Wing Fracture, Taipei

10/11/17, ?????, ?, ????, ????, ??, ???


3rd August 2018, Taiwan Whistling Thrush, Juvenile, Fallen out of Nest, Unable to Stand, Near a Home, Taipei

3/8/18, ?????, ?, ??, ??, ????, ??, ???


14th December 2017, Daurian Redstart, Adult, Human Causes (Sticky Mouse Trap), Hsinchu

14/12/17, ???, ?, ?????, ???, ???


1st May 2018, Taiwan Blue Magpie, Juvenile, Natural Causes, Learning to fly, Taipei

1/5/18, ????, ?, ??, ??, ???


6th August 2018, Taiwan Barbet, Juvenile, Human Cause, Tree Removal, Hsinchu

6/8/18, ???, ?, ????, ??, ???



When Worlds Collide Robert ZhaoInstallation View, Taipei Biennale, 2018


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