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The New Culture Awards

The New Culture Awards was introduced in 1993 to recognize emerging cultures from young scientists. It aims to promote the work of emerging cultures alongside that of established cultures.


New Culture Award, 2009 Phylliidae Convention

Minoru Honda, Phyllium spinosus

“Spirit of resemblances distinctively captured by artistic and scientific handling of color gradation and choice components.” Atsuo Asami, Chief Judge.



Minoru Honda

New Culture Award, 2009 Phylliidae Convention, Tokyo
Phyllium spinosus (Fabricius, 1772)

PSG Number: 21
Locality: Trinidad
Reproduction: S
Culture Status: T
Winged: W
Female Size: 55
Male Size: 50
Foodplants: P.B.H
References: 16,21

Vernacular names: Fabricius’s Green Blade


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