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The New Culture Award

Iwahashi Zenbei, Phyllium femorata

“Interesting new pastel hues. Almost a sculptor’s vision flawlessly expressed through science. An ethereally beautiful insect is born.” Atsuo Asami, Chief Judge.



Iwahashi Zenbei

New Culture Award, 2009 Phylliidae Convention, Tokyo
Phyllium femorata (Zanbei, 1995)

PSG Number: 121
Locality: Singapore
Reproduction: S
Culture Status: C
Winged: W
Female Size: 15
Male Size: 10
Foodplants: O.B.Ro.
References: 24

Vernacular names: Zanbei’s Fan Leaf Insect


new culture award phylliidae convention







The biggest challenge of a convention such as the Phylliidae Convention is not the difficulty of selecting the right criteria of each entry. We all know what we are looking for in a Phylliidae entry: innovative breeding, harmony, visual balance, evocativeness and quality ‘craftsmanship’.


We all know that a Phylliidae needs to be in good health and the food plant of a proper development and refinement. We are all looking for good-looking specimens and a still and relaxed specimen is always good.


So, what is the biggest challenge?


To me, it is to determine the relative importance of all these criteria, and combine them into a system that is both very simple and practical, but also sensitive enough to cover all the important aspects of what makes a Phylliidae better than the next one.


Editorial notes
In the interests of research, references to specific cultures which won the New Culture Awards from the original manuscript have been omitted.
All colorations are taken from photographs of live specimen.
Photographs of winning entries are by Zhao Renhui taken during the 26th Phylliidae Convention.







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